Ice and Fire Variety 3 Pack – Flintts
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Free shipping on US orders over $34

Ice and Fire Variety 3 Pack

The line between sensation and flavor gets blurry with this pack. Need an icy blast to fix that dragon's breath? Or, are you looking for an overwhelming (but comforting) tinge of heat and spice? The Ice and Fire Variety Pack has got you covered.

Mint F Strength 200

Medium sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Spearmint that cools what it touches. Breath-freshening.
Winter Vibes.

Cool Watermelon F Strength 100

Faint sparkle and gentle mouth watering effect.
Cool Watermelon is complex and refreshing. Not too sweet. Delicate mint finish.  
Late Summer vibes.

Cinnamon Ginger F Strength 300

Intense sparkle and powerful, long-lasting mouth watering effect.
Cinnamon Ginger is warming and spicy. Great as a digestive or for nausea. 
Early Winter Vibes.

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