What are Flintts?

Flintts Mouthwatering Mints are vegan, plant-based mints that alleviate the dry mouth that can occur both with cannabis use, or with life in general.

Flintts are formulated with SatoriPlus Distillate, our unique botanical extract blend. SatoriPlus Distillate activates the Mouthwatering Principle on contact with the tongue. At the point of contact, Flintts also create an intriguing effervescence, which are termed Sparkling Flavor-tones.

What is F Strength?

Some like it strong, while others prefer subtlety.
While all Flintts vibrate with purpose to offer relief, their vibrations vary in amplitude.

After exhaustive analysis, each variety of Flintts is graded against the ‘F Strength’ scale; typically ranging from 100 (weak force) to 1000 (strong force). This designation denotes the intensity of Sparkling Flavor-tones and also the Mouthwatering Effect.

Please note each individual will experience Flintts differently. Some may find they are very sensitive to SatoriPlus, and will be happiest on the low end of the ‘F Strength’ scale.

Others will prefer a more intense experience.

What are they made of?

Flintts are vegan, plant-based, and made without GMOs.

You can find a complete list of ingredients below. 

If they’re natural, why are they uniform and colorless?

In fact, Flintts are celebrated for their uniformity.
They are made with the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available. This ensures a safe and uniform experience—a static point to which you may return, in this ever-changing universe.

When is the best time for Flintts?

There is no wrong time to consume Flintts.
They are non-psychoactive and offered without judgement. We do suggest moments when more saliva is desired, including when dry mouth manifests as side effect of cannabis use.

Flintts provide relief as well as stimulation. Some may seek comfort in this stimulation, and find it a suitable alternative to unwanted habits of oral gratification like nail-biting, snacking, or smoking.

What's happening to me?

Remember your first experience with Flintts. It will never happen again.
At first, some initiates may find Sparkling Flavor-tones too intense. But they dissipate into the edges of awareness after a few minutes. And remember, Flintts are completely safe and non-toxic. They only contain ingredients that are regarded as safe by the FDA.

Is this bad for me?

Not at all. In fact, it’s probably good for you.
Research suggests that the botanical elements in SatoriPlus Distillate have a wide array of healthful effects. Dry mouth can have a negative impact on mouth health.


We have confirmed our ingredients as vegan and absent product of genetically modified organisms, to the best of our ability. We have also made a commitment to choose ingredients with minimal impact on the environment by maximizing biodegradability and minimizing toxicity. 

A sugar substitute with a near-zero glycemic index. It’s derived from beets grown without any genetic modification. It provides pleasant sweetness and a slight cooling sensation, and is teeth-friendly.

A biodegradable starch used to bind the tablet together.

An extremely common non-caloric sweetener. It is made from sugar. We chose this sweetener because of its near-zero toxicity to both people and the environment. Even better, it tastes nice. We use a top-of-the-line sucralose, sourced from Germany, which does not include bulkening starches that generally contain GMO product.

This aids in the flow of powder ingredients to ensure uniformity of formula. Ours is produced from sustainable palm oil.

Our all-natural flavors from top-of-the-line plant inputs. The main ingredients are, respectively, lemon, mint, and cherry.

The ‘nutrition label’ name for our SatoriPlus Distillate. This is the vessel for the Sparkling Flavor-tones, which impart the Mouthwatering Principle.


Nutrition Facts