Flintts Mouthwatering Mints
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Free shipping on US orders over $34

Flintts Mints are quick-dissolving mints that make your mouth water and sparkle, which is a pleasant electric sensation.

Our super powers come from the Spilanthes flower, which is native to the Amazon. Higher F-Strength means more mouth-watering and a stronger sparkle.

Each pack contains at least 15g Flintts Mints, that's 27 - 30 tablets. Flintts are vegan, sugar-free, and non-GMO. No plastic packaging. 

Dry Mouth sucks.

And lots of things cause it - like smoking, meds, and anxiety.

Dry Mouth is annoying and unhealthy.

Saliva contains minerals that keep your teeth hard, as well as digestive enzymes that keep the inside surface of your mouth clean. Over time, Dry Mouth can cause serious oral health issues.


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