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Free shipping on US orders over $35

Sour Power Variety 3 Pack

Are you addicted to sour candies? The Sour Power Variety Pack will scratch your itch without the sugar. This has been our most requested combo. Pucker up!

Sour Tangerine F Strength 175

Mild sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Sour Tangerine is tangy and warming with a sunny finish. 
Late Autumn vibes.

Lemon F Strength 250

Strong sparkle and very mouth watering.
Lemon is juicy. Sweet and sour in balance.
Mid-Summer vibes.

 Cherry F Strength 150

Mellow sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Black cherry has an earthy sweetness and is also a little bit tart. 
Early Autumn vibes.

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