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Fruit Troop Variety 6 Pack


We got all six of our fruity flavors together for this one! Mix and match, double up, triple up. Your mouth is the stage for some sweet, sparkly music. See which harmonies you like best, then let us know! 

Cool Watermelon F Strength 100

Faint sparkle and gentle mouth watering effect.
Cool Watermelon is complex and refreshing. Not too sweet. Delicate mint finish.  
Late Summer vibes.

Luxury Grape F Strength 125

Cherry F Strength 150

Mellow sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Black cherry has an earthy sweetness and is also a little bit tart. 
Early Autumn vibes.

Sour Tangerine F Strength 175

Mild sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Sour Tangerine is tangy and warming with a sunny finish. 
Late Autumn vibes.

Strawberry Magic F Strength 225

Mediumish sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Creamy, Jammy, Ripe, and Trippy.
High Spring Vibes.

Lemon F Strength 250

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