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Free shipping on US orders over $35

Jeremy Pettis Artist Series Box Set 1


Original Marker Drawings Signed and Numbered by Jeremy Pettis.

Every drawing is unique. Limited Edition of 50

This release includes pieces numbered 1 - 50
Box Set Also Includes:
3 x Strawberry Magic F Strength 225
Mediumish sparkle and mouth watering effect.
Creamy, Jammy, Ripe, and Trippy.
High Spring Vibes. 


The Suite of Flintts Mints Flavors
One of each flavor besides Strawberry Magic. Just in case you're running low!
Strawberry Magic Tin Stash Box 
For bringing all the party favors. Kinda smell proof to put that loud jazz cabbage on mute. Be the band leader and roll your own sheet music.
Flintts Prints x Jeremy Pettis Artist Series Coloring Book
Color your own world. 24 pages. Saddle stitch UV coated on 80 lbs natural recycled stock.
Lifesize Strawberry Fren Sticker
One berry huge sticker. Stick this guy above your bed and let his unblinking smile lull you into the strawberry dreamworld where everything is strawssible. idk.
USA-Made Organic Cotton Bandana
Fly your very own freak flag. Three color silk screen on undyed organic American cotton.
Strawberry Spray Guy Cotton Tote
You'll need a thing to put all your things in. So, we included a two-color silk screened cotton tote with black nylon straps. Approx. 3L (enough for about 6 baskets of strawberries or a small compliment of party supplies).


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